Aduro Biopolymers

About Aduro Biopolymers

Aduro Biopolymers is a research, development and manufacturing company located in Hamilton, New Zealand. By applying state of the art materials science, Aduro Biopolymers will develop and manufacture a range of bio-derived polymers and materials for use in plastics, composites, agriculture and horticulture, manufacturing and construction.

Our own research and development scientists are experienced in materials science and are building a product pipeline based on our proprietary bioplastic called Novatein®. By working closely with business partners we help identify product opportunities that we can assist in bringing to market.

Aduro Biopolymers’ collaboration with New Zealand and international research institutes and business partners is extending our pipeline of new bio-derived polymers and materials for the local and export markets, and we are keen to develop new local and international partnerships in this area. Please contact Aduro Biopolymers to discuss how you can partner with us in the development of a material product for your business.

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