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Feathers are in abundant supply around the world.

In New Zealand about 50,000 tons of chicken feathers are produced each year, and in the USA an astounding 3 billion pounds (1,360,000 metric tons) are produced. Some feathers are turned into feather meal which can be used as a fertilizer and as an additive to feed chickens, pigs fish and cattle however a significant volume is incinerated or disposed of in landfills.

Aduro Biopolymers is working with Eastern Bioplastics, a company based in Virginia USA, who have developed an oil absorbent product range superior in performance to many other products in the market. The FeatherSorb™ range of products are an environmentally-friendly cost-effective industrial absorbent product range engineered to provide better absorbency and cost performance for fuel, oil, paint and chemical solvent spills and clean up applications.

FeatherSorb™ is made from poultry feathers which are processed into a Feather Intermediate (“FI”) with extraordinary properties and characteristics including absorbency, buoyancy, insulation against heat and cold, flame resistance, and filtration.

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