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Novatein® is a bioplastic which can be reformulated, modified and optimised to suit a particular products attributes. For example, pots, containers, pegs and weed matting have different characteristics, each requiring a unique a bioplastic formulation.

Novatein® is made from bloodmeal, a co-product of the red meat industry. Bloodmeal is often used as a fertilizer and animal feed, and is made up of proteins. Proteins are polymers like any thermoplastic, however they cannot be processed at a temperature that doesn't also lead to degradation. In bloodmeal, strong hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic interactions and chemical cross-links prevent processing. Our researchers found a way around this problem, enhancing the protein's processability to the point where it can be extruded before degradation occurs. Our researchers have also modified the colour of bloodmeal with the resulting bioplastic having a translucent honey coloured appearance with improved properties.

Why Use Novatein®?

Producers of most bioplastics find price parity difficult with petroleum based plastics. Bioplastic products are generally expensive because the production of the material tends to involve energy intensive and complex science, which means significant investment in research and development and manufacturing facilities.

Consumers generally tend to resist paying a premium for eco-friendly plastics, although we are all well aware of the impact plastics have on the environment.

Novatein® granules are manufactured using a simple manufacturing process. This means that generally speaking, Novatein® can be supplied at prices that should enable faster adoption of the material. The resultant granules find best application in injection moulded or extruded products that would are compostable (not yet tested against standards).

Our own studies have shown that Novatein® will most likely meet international biodegradation standards. Novatein® is not harmful or toxic in the environment, which means it can be safely disposed of in landfills or domestic home compost facilities. This means reduced impact on the environment and peace of mind for you and your family.

We expect Novatein® will benefit end users in many ways:

  • Using Novatein® to solve problems created by conventional plastics in manufacturing process or in downstream materials processing, where a plastic article being used is contributing to that problem.
  • Providing a competitive edge or marketing opportunity not found elsewhere.
  • Novatein® can be manufactured inexpensively and without complexity, making the material cost competitive, increasing the likely adoption by manufacturers and end users.
  • Disposal costs at end-of-life are expected to be lower; the material is biodegradable and compostable (not yet measured against standards).