Aduro Biopolymers

Partnering with us

We’re seeking licenses and Co-development Partnerships.

Aduro Biopolymers is actively seeking licenses, partnerships and collaborations for the development of bio-derived polymers and materials. Aduro Biopolymers could be your path to market in the greater Australasian market for technologies you are seeking commercialisation opportunities for.

Accessing Novatein.

You can access Novatein® by partnering with Aduro Biopolymers in the development of a product specific bioplastic and taking a manufacturing or distribution license from us, or by putting a proposal to us for a Joint Venture. We’re looking to establish bioplastic manufacturing operations in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, USA and Europe.

To find out how you can be involved in these plans, please Contact Aduro Biopolymers

Partnering with Aduro Biopolymers